Free Illinois Personal Injury Legal Consultation

Tony Elman, Lead Attorney, Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC
Tony Elman, Lead Attorney, Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC

Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC offers a free legal consultation to discuss instances of potential Illinois nursing home abuse, nursing home neglect, and nursing home accidents that have caused injury and/or other harm to nursing home residents.  This is also applicable to injuries and harm that occur in similar health care facilities including assisted living facilities, retirement homes, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and hospices.

During this free, confidential legal consultation, you can discuss the incidents with an accomplished Illinois personal injury trial lawyer and ask questions you may have regarding the legal remedies that may exist.

Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC, a Chicago personal injury law firm,  handles Illinois personal injury and wrongful death cases.  This includes nursing home abuse, nursing home neglect, nursing home accident, and nursing home wrongful death cases.

Elman Joseph Law Group has handled Illinois personal injury lawsuits for nearly 30 years.  During this time it has built a reputation for its court trial performance.  This court trial capability is valuable because if we are unable to achieve an appropriate legal settlement in a case, we have a proven track record of success in court.

Many Chicago-area law firms choose to have Elman Joseph Law Group take cases to court.

To get the free, confidential legal consultation:

  • call Tony Elman, Lead Attorney of the Elman Joseph Law Group, at (773) 392-8182, at any time

Elman Joseph Law Group’s clients pay on a “contingency basis,” meaning that clients only have to pay a fee for Elman Joseph Law Group’s services if and when they receive a monetary award.